Choosing Self Storage

Many customers find self storage while searching for extra space in the short term. Unfortunately, they are erroneously looking for a temporary solution to a permanent storage problem. Most of our existing customers did choose to rent a self storage unit with intentions to move out in a month or two. Today they would tell you, “Wouldn’t it be nice to choose a storage space that can satisfy your business or household needs indefinitely? That’s what we have found with Evans Self Storage.” 

Why Am I Storing?

To avoid unnecessary moves, both in and out of storage, we recommend considering the near future when deciding 1) where to store and 2) how much space to rent. How long do you plan to store outside of the home or office? What event has brought you to self storage, and what is the likelihood that this event will reoccur? Think about the following year when answering these questions, and treat storage rental like you are renting a home, office, or apartment. You wouldn’t want to move every few months, right? So choose your space wisely.

What Am I Storing?

Selecting the ideal storage space is important not only to ensure manageability, but also to protect the items stored. Make a list of items you need stored and be sure to consider items like paperwork, antiques, wooden furniture, photographs, clothing, and electronics. Items like these can be damaged by weather, humidity, temperature, and insects that can penetrate the privacy door on drive up units. We advise customers to choose climate controlled storage for the items listed above. Are you storing home appliances or heavy equipment? If so, consider renting a drive up unit for easy transport. For a personal storage estimate, call us during office hours at (970) 793-2058 or use the contact form on our website.

Your Storage Location

Once you have decided what kind of storage you need, be sure to research facilities in your area. If something happens and you need access to your items quickly, you will need to avoid unnecessary delay. When contacting potential locations, always request information about the facility’s insurance policy. You will want to insure your items against any loss or damages that may occur. You may want to ask if moving equipment is available for onsite use. In order to avoid surprises after moving in, it is important to inspect the exact unit to be rented before signing any paperwork. There are a lot of storage companies to choose from, so be sure you are completely satisfied with the storage space, staff, and facility rules before completing a rental agreement and submitting the initial payment. Choosing a storage facility on name alone is never a good idea. Be aware of a facility's access hours, security measures, and payment limitations. No one wants to move their goods a second time after a negative storage experience. With that said, we have continually done our best to satisfy storage requirements of all potential and existing customers, because we know how important it is to regain normalcy in life that has been compromised by disorganization, clutter, and lack of space. We suggest doing your research before choosing self storage, but we do our best to make you feel comfortable ending your search with us.